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03 Май 11, 14:01 / Автор: Start It Smart
LeanSpark Sofia
Leanspark is a high-energy, full-day conference, filled with a range of talks, workshops, real-world examples, case studies and interactive games.
Leanspark brings you the core entrepreneurial community behind the Leancamp movement. You’ll meet the people who are combining entrepreneurialism with design and accelerating their businesses with a focus on learning. They will share how to apply Lean Startup principles along with other European strengths in Business Model Generation, Design Thinking and Customer Development.


Salim Virani

Salim founded a number of technology businesses in Canada and the UK, spanning from IT providers in industry verticals to B2C websites. He’s a co-founder of Leancamp, and a community builder, playing an active role in international interdisciplinary learning.

Nicky Smyth

Nicky is a co-founder of Leancamp and contributor to Business Model Generation. She's a recognised Design Thinker, Digital Media Strategist and Researcher, having worked with R&D facilities of a number of multi-national organisations.

Robert Fitzpatrick

Rob is a Y Combinator veteran, Seedcamp mentor and founder of The Startup Toolkit.

Dimitar Stanimirroff is is the co-founder of OVIA, a disruptive London-based startup looking to revolutionise the recruitment industry. He is also tutor with core focus in entrepreneurship in University College London as well as organiser of the London leg of This Week in Startups and StartupPoker.

Eric Ries (via online call) is the author of the blog Start Up Lessons Learned. He co-founded and served as Chief Technology Officer of IMVU, his third startup. He is the co-author of several books including The Black Art of Java Game Programming (Waite Group Press, 1996). In 2007, BusinessWeek named Ries one of the Best Young Entrepreneurs of Tech.

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