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09 Октомври 10, 11:27 / Автор: EventsTeam
Безплатен курс по програмиране: Разработка на уеб приложения с ASP.NET
Безплатен курс по разработка на учеб приложения с ASP.NET - обхваща езика C#, .NET Framework, бази данни, SQL, SQL Server, LINQ-to-SQL, ASP.NET, AJAX.
Кога: 18 октомври 2010 г. (понеделник)
Къде: ТУ-София, зала 1153
Възможности за участие: безплатно участие
Организатор: Академията на Телерик

Събитието: Безплатен курс по разработка на учеб приложения с ASP.NET - обхваща езика C#, .NET Framework, бази данни, SQL, SQL Server, LINQ-to-SQL, ASP.NET, AJAX.

Учебна програма:

1. Course Overview – Presenting the Course Objectives, Lecturers, Projects, Exams, etc.
.NET Framework Overview – .NET, .NET Framework, CLR, MSIL, Assemblies, CTS, .NET languages

2. C# Language Overview – Part I – Data Types, Operators, Expressions, Statements, Console I/O, Conditional Statements, Loops, Arrays, Methods

3. C# Language Overview – Part II – Creating and Using Objects, Namespaces, Exceptions, Strings, Generics, Collections, Attributes

4. Object-Oriented Programming with C# – Defining Classes, Constructors, Properties, Static Members, Structures, Delegates and Events, Interfaces, Inheritance and Polymorphism

5. Databases, SQL and MS SQL Server – RDBMS, Data Modeling, SQL Language, SQL SELECT, Joins, Aggregate Functions, Grouping, SQL INSERT, SQL UPDATE, SQL DELETE, MS SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio

6. LINQ – LINQ Operators and Expressions, Projections, Conversions, Aggregations
LINQ-to-SQL – ORM Concepts, Visual Studio LINQ-to-SQL Designer, Using DataContext to Read / Create / Update / Delete Data

Intermediate Exam: Designing a Database and Data Access Layer

7. Web Technologies Basics – HTTP, HTML, Text, Images, Tables, Forms, CSS, JavaScript

8. ASP.NET Basics – ASP.NET Web Forms, Code Behind Pages, Page Execution Model, Web Server Controls, HTML Server Controls, Creating Simple Web Applications

9. ASP.NET Data Binding – Data Binding and Data-Bound Controls: GridView, FormView, DetailsView, DataList, Repeater, ListView, Pager, Templates, Container.DataItem and DataBinder.Eval()

10. ASP.NET and Databases – Creating Data-driven Web Applications with ASP.NET, Integrating LINQ-to-SQL with ASP.NET, Using Data Sources (LinqDataSource and ObjectDataSource), Master-Details Navigation
ASP.NET State Management – Cookies, Hidden Fields, View State, Application State, Session State, Manipulating the HTTP Response Headers

11. ASP.NET Advanced Topics – Master Pages, User Controls, Site Maps, Localization, Validation Controls, Web.config, IIS and Deployment

12. ASP.NET Membership – Authentication and Authorization, Windows and Forms Authentication, Users, Roles, Membership and Providers, Login Controls
ASP.NET AJAX – AJAX Concepts, ScriptManager, UpdatePanel, AJAX Control Toolkit

13. Practical Project Live Demo – Part I – Creating a Blog System Step-by-Step: Defining the Database and LINQ-to-SQL Based Data Layer; Creating the Application Skeleton; Creating the Master Page, Styles and CSS; Designing the navigation and SiteMap; Implementing Login / Logout

14. Practical Project Live Demo – Part II – Creating a Blog System Step-by-Step: Implementing “View Posts”, “Create New Post”, “Edit Post”, “Add Comment”, “Manage Comments”, “Posts by Month”

Practical Projects Defense – Students Defend their Practical Projects; Best Projects are Awarded with a Certificate of Achievement

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За контакти: Светлин Наков


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